Semilki National Park

Uganda’s oldest wildlife reserve is situated within the remote Semliki Valley, deep in the heart of Uganda’s Western Rift Valley, on the southern shore of Lake Albert. It is a rich mosaic of grassland, savannah, forest and wetland habitats. On clear days, visitors are rewarded with truly remarkable scenes of the Rift Valley escarpment rising sharply from the shore of the lake and surrounding views of the Congolese Blue Mountains and the majestic glacial peaks of the Rwenzori. It is this untrammeled wilderness combined with the sheer physical beauty of the landscape which makes Semliki special.

The Shore At Dawn

The shoreline is dotted with several traditional fishing villages; and it is worth getting up to the honey coloured dawns to watch local fishermen in their dug-out canoes, casting graceful arcs over the water with their nets. Semliki also supports a myriad of water bird species, including the frequently sighted Shoebill. Spotting this rare bird as it stands, still as a statue, in amongst the Papyrus is a highlight for birders and wildlife enthusiasts alike.


The safari chic of Semliki Lodge combines luxurious comfort with a rustic ambiance befitting its surroundings. It is the only lodge in the reserve, so guests can enjoy complete seclusion and privacy. The lodge also owns boats for outings on Lake Albert, where you can fish for Nile perch, Tilapia or Tiger fish.


  • Chimpanzee trekking with the researchers at Semliki Forest
  • Breathtaking views of the Rift – where West African forests meet East African plains
  • Boat trips around the Papyrus swamps to spot Shoebill

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