Murchison Falls National Park

One of the oldest and largest protected nature reserves in Uganda – lying at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley – Murchison Falls offers a variety of ways in which to see its abundant wildlife, against the stunning backdrop of the Nile.

An Incredible Waterfall

The impressive and almost electrifying waterfall itself – the showpiece of the park – is one of the most significant features on the Victoria Nile. Following a culmination of 80km of white water rapids – the river then explodes through a narrow cleft in the rock face, and drops 43 metres. At this point in its long journey towards the Mediterranean, it is said to be the most powerful waterfall body of water on the planet, with 300 cubic metres per second rushing through the gorge.

Wonderful Wildlife

Murchison’s plains are dotted with exotic Borassus Palms – a particular habitat for Ugandan Kob; you can also expect to see a wildlife parade including elephant, lion, Rothchild’s giraffe, buffalo and warthog, to name a few. The river banks attract prolific numbers of hippo and crocodile, as well as larger game and antelope that come to the water’s edge in the heat of the day. The birdlife is just as impressive, and includes the enigmatic and unique ‘dinosaur bird’, the Shoebill. Murchison is also a prime site for tracking chimpanzees in the nearby Budongo Forest.


The park has received many distinguished guests, most notable of whom, was of course Winston Churchill in 1907, who described it as ‘’Kew Gardens and the zoo combined on an unlimited scale’. Other notable visitors include Ernest Hemingway, who literally dropped in when his plane clipped an old telegraph wire strung across the gorge, and Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, who came here to film the famous movie ‘African Queen’.


  • Take a scenic cruise upstream to the Falls, for amazing views of this famous landmark and plenty of wildlife along the way
  • Track chimps in Budongo Forest, for an up close and personal primate encounter
  • Take a coolbox out on the water and enjoy sundowners as you marvel at the wildlife on the banks of the river as the sun slowly sets over the distant mountains
  • Those who like to cast a line can enjoy some of the world’s best sports fishing at the foot of the Falls or elsewhere along the Nile – all on a strict catch and release policy
  • Enjoy a leisurely cruise around the Nile Delta for excellent wildlife viewing and the chance to spot Shoebill

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