Kibale National Forest

Discover the beauty of Kibale Forest and experience a primatologist’s dream in rainforest packed with primates – the greatest variety and concentration in East Africa in fact.

Our closest relatives?

Top of the bill are our delightful cousins, the Chimpanzees, which can be tracked at almost any time of the year. Find families chattering and swinging through the ancient trees, or watch as boisterous youngsters play amongst the undergrowth. To get so close to these endearingly fascinating animals is an experience you will not forget in a hurry.

A Dream Rainforest

Kibale Forest National Park itself covers an area of 766 square kilometers. This tropical rainforest, made up of a network of shady trails, is the natural habitat for 13 primate species in all, as well as a host of mammals, including the elusive forest elephant. Further south, the forest gives way to open grassland towards the plains of the rit valley. Botanists and bird-watchers are also granted a natural haven in which to spot a variety of endemic bird and butterfly species as well as an impressive assortment of flora and fauna. Some of the trees are 50 to 60 metres in height, providing a majestic canopy for the profusion of life just waiting to be discovered. A field of beautiful crater lakes, waterfalls and tea plantations lies between the forest and the nearest town, Fort Portal.


  • Encountering a chimpanzee family in the forest, watching the youngsters play as the older members of the group forage for food, or peacefully groom eachother
  • Spotting the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzoris on a clear day (sadly the haze in dry season obscures the mountains)
  • Exploring crater fields for stunning vistas of lakes and verdant green hills
  • Spending a day birding along the tracks and trails and search for one of its rarities – the Green-breasted Pitta

Tours & Holidays

10 days in Uganda enabling you to experience the rich diversity of this incredible country. You will journey through the highlands, trek through jungles and see chimps and gorillas on this tour.
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