Jinja and the River Nile

Jinja lies 80km east of Kampala, where the Nile flows out of Lake Victoria and starts its 6,500km journey to the Mediterranean. This is the famous Victorian ‘source of the Nile’, eventually identified by Speke in 1862. Now rafting the thrilling grade 5 rapids on this mighty river is the reason most people come. Indeed, a whole centre for adventure has sprung up—Jinja now rivals Victoria Falls for the title of Africa’s adventure capital.

The addition of a second dam in 2011 raised concerns over the future of rafting on the Nile, but it has simply resulted in the rafting shifting further downstream to new rapids as part of their earlier route became submerged. The new dam has also resulted in a reservoir style area of flat water around Bujagali which looks set to become a mecca for bird and nature lovers. Where bird calls were once drowned out by the white noise of the rapids, now they can be heard clearly, allowing better spotting opportunities.


  • Raft the world’s longest river—from half day trips to two day expeditions with over-night bush camping on the banks of the Nile
  • Visit the Victorian ‘source of the Nile’
  • Ride a horse, quad or mountain bike along the banks of the Nile
  • En route to Jinja, visit Mabira Forest for mountain biking, birding and nature walks
  • Go birding or fishing on the newly-formed Bujagali Reservoir
  • Bungee jump over the Nile—getting ’dunked’ is optional
  • Take a cruise or paddle a kayak, and watch the sun go down on the Nile
  • Take a dip in your private bathtub overlooking a set of rapids at Wildwaters Lodge
  • Visit the local Kilombera weaving co-operative and watch traditional looms at workrtunities.

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