Do I need to be fit to trek through the rainforest?


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You must be able and willing to hike in rough terrain and in any weather to see mountain gorillas in the wild. However, many older people who don't think of themselves as hikers or adventurers can successfully see the gorillas, and personal assistants can be hired to carry your daypack and assist you in difficult areas. The local guides will work to make it as easy as possible for you to track and photograph the gorillas. We have had numerous clients in their 70's succeed in reaching their target Mountain Gorilla groups. Most people return very exhausted, muddy and sore if they are not used to vigorous hiking. Altitude sickness is not usually a problem, nor are insects. You will want a pair of gloves and clothing that protects your arms and legs from thorns and nettles. Good balance is helpful in gorilla trekking as trails may be slippery.