Bwindi is an ancient highland forest in south western Uganda and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Home of the gorillas

Bwindi’s 350 square kilometers of pristine rainforest is a sanctuary for approximately 400 mountain gorillas (almost half of the world’s total population) and is also the only forest on the continent where Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees co-exist. It also boasts over 275 bird species and many plants, trees and insects that are endemic to the area. It is a vital water catchment area for the source of five major rivers, and was once part of a larger contiguous forest that stretched all the way south to the Virunga mountains.

Only a few visitors to Africa have the privilege of interacting with Mountain Gorillas, which have never been successfully bred in captivity. Gazing into the soulful eyes of a Silverback must surely top the bill on a trip to Africa. Your Bwindi experience will be a heart-pounding adventure through tangled vines, bush and bamboo; and an emotional encounter with these gentle giants awaits you…

Tours & Holidays

10 days in Uganda enabling you to experience the rich diversity of this incredible country. You will journey through the highlands, trek through jungles and see chimps and gorillas on this tour.
Entebbe -Kibale - Queen Elizabeth National Park - Bwindi
Encounter not just gorillas, but also golden monkeys and much more on this magical and exciting tour into the rainforests of Rwanda.
Five days, two gorilla treks and a lifetime of memories! You'll want to go back for more after this amazing Ugandan adventure.
Bwindi Uganda
A superbly put together three-day trip to see the gorillas in Uganda's incredible Bwindi Forest. Fly in and fly out, stay in luxury and track the gorillas.
Bwindi Uganda