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At Albatros Travel we do our best to bring you the best tours and holidays that are out there and all of our packages are given the same care and attention to detail that people have come to expect from us. But for those who want us to go just that bit further we have created the Albatros 5-Star concept. These treks use what we at Albatros consider the best hotels and lodges to give our clients that little bit extra while trekking to see the gorillas, chimps and other primates.

Always remember that if you dont find a trek that suits your need or budget you can also get in touch us and we will work with you to find your ideal tour.

You can see our current 5-Star treks below.

Recommended 5 Star Holidays

Stay in luxury on this short and sweet gorilla adventure tour in Rwanda. If trekking to see the great primates is your dream and you want to do it in style then this is the trip for you.